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Investopedia is an American website based in New York City that provides investing and finance education along with reviews, ratings, and comparisons of various financial products such as brokerage accounts.

A user mentioned, "The old Investopedia was simplistic and intuitive with an abundance of information, a diamond in the rough. The new Investopedia is complicated with ALOT less intuitive information. It almost feels as if it was intentionally complicated to sell courses that were once free. I understand the business of monetizing, but changing EVERYTHING took away Investopedia competitive advantage of simplicity. Now it's like every other site."


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Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Where do I start. Once DotDash acquired Investopedia it went down hill. They let all the great managers go, they killed the incredible culture we had, they raised everyone's goals so they can't be achieved and made ridiculous stand and deliver weekly meetings. You are not a person, you are just a number and could be laid off at any time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Internal politics, misallocation of resources/funding, mistreatment of dedicated employees, a 'boys club'"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Like so many geographically distributed companies, Investopedia’s two offices in NYC and Edmonton maintain significantly different cultures with different leadership and decision-making styles. The Edmonton group is highly collaborative and team-focused, people are consistently learning, teaching, sharing with each other at all levels and active in helping to develop their skills as a group. NYC teams are very much siloed between business areas and there’s a clear sink-or-swim ethos regarding individuals; getting collaboration from peers can be challenging. It’s not uncommon for people to resort to using outside resources to achieve an objective when the required internal cooperation is not forthcoming. The CEO is a high-energy guy who can be fun to be around, but ultimately does not communicate any clear goals or direction. He’s great at motivating people and recognizing achievements, but also has an extreme lack of focus and distractibility that is highly disruptive in practice. David’s weekly meetings are amusing enough, although it’s a bit like being at a dinner party and watching the host’s toddler misbehave in front of the guests - his performance is funny and everyone has a good chuckle, but afterward everyone just goes back to what they were doing without any substantial impact. Under the guise of diversity of opinion and healthy tension, people and teams are pitted against each other to compete for resources and focus. There is no sense of a common purpose or clearly articulated goals for the company as a whole. This environment of tension, conflict and competition is not so much an artifact or by-product as it is a deliberate act of design by management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Jobs are never safe. Training and development programs are in their infancy and not being developed to their fullest Insufficient feedback to employees on performance. Culture is very competitive"


"Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros. The management at the Edmonton location is really bad. Crappy office location! Bad management decisions end up hurting developers' productivity."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company being part of IAC, jobs are never safe. There's a "small company" feel day-to-day, but you're definitely a number on a spreadsheet, and your position can be eliminated at any time based on business/leadership changes. There were two "restructurings" this year, one of which resulted in about 1/3 of the company being let go. Leadership (at this company, and at most IAC companies) is very male and white. Recent reviews have mentioned disjointed and unclear strategy and company direction, which was definitely true until the recent takeover by Dotdash. Now, who knows."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Crappy office location! You're pretty much located in the industrial area, where there's no where to walk to, no where good to eat unless you drive 10 mins somewhere else. Management sucked! One year no one got raises but I ended up getting one secretly (a 2 grand raise PSH. and was told not to spend it all at once!! HAH.) Seems like the offices in the states had it better than us!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not enough interest in thoroughly training new employees. Communication about expectations could be more thorough."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"With the Dot Dash merger, it's up in the air what the company will look like in a few months from now. Will I still have my job? Who knows. I was already looking before the announcement was made so my options are open."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"After the IAC acquisition things seemed to be going well, lots of focus on fixing bad decisions made by previous owners. Then a new CEO was brought in and everything changed, he has no focus, no strategy for the company, and is all over the place. The previous fun culture changed, everyone is being micro-managed, it seems like the managers are watching when you come or leave the office!"

Digital Media Planner (Former Employee) says

"The company was decent. It was OK but i wouldn't go crazy with the descriptions. I have had better jobs. I wouldn't say I enjoyed worked there. It was average."

Financial (Former Employee) says

"Flex time work program. Ability to start anywhere from 7am to 9am and finish from 3pm to 5pm. Poorly managed. Zero trust between management and employees. Quick to point fingers rather than analyze the situations. Great people to work with. No career advancement continually hires from outside the company rather than promoting from within.Flexible work schedulepoor management"

Managing Editor (Current Employee) says

"Has been a good company, with friendly co-workers and management, and a relaxed atmosphere, providing good work-life balance. However, recent changes to administration have drastically reduced the number of employees, and job security is uncertain for those who remain.The position teaches a lot about website management, including SEO and analytics.flex schedule, good benefitslow pay for editors, weak upper management/leadership"

Sure Expansion says

"Lost money for trusting this site in the forex market. Misleading information says the market closes at 5pm est on Fridays when it closes at 4pm est.
Won't ever look here for information again."